TX218S Speaker

The TX218S is a high power subwoofer system containing two
18″ woofers in a front- loaded, vented enclosure. The
enclosure is designed to present a minimum frontal area. The
system offers complete input connection flexibility for
compatibility with a variety of cabling schemes. A recessed,
external switch allows selection of either contacts +1/-1 or
+2/-2. By relocating an internal connector, it is also possible to
drive each woofer discretely from a separate amplifier channel.

The enclosure is constructed of top quality birch/poplar
laminate plywood and coated in rugged finish. Each woofer is
housed in an isolated chamber and the enclosure is heavily
braced to maximize low- frequency performance.

The attractive steel grille is internally lined with acoustically
transparent cloth to provide additional driver protection and
give a very professional appearance.

  • Premium passive loudspeaker system
  • Very high power handling
  • Dual 18 inch woofer
  • large vent area for reduced distortion


Model: TX218S
Item:2X 18″ PA speaker
Driver: LF 2x 18″ Voice coil 125mm
Frequency Response: 38-180Hz
RMS /peak Power:1200W/3600
Max SPL: 134dB
Carbinet Spec: Black Sand Paint; 18mm Plywood, black grill
Connector: 2NL4; +1& -1 connected
Shipping size mm: 564x1139x715